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Like a Butterfly, each Shoe is Unique.
At Felmini, shoes travel through a careful and long metamorphosis,
filled with craftsmanship along the path.

The Company

Founded in 1973, Felmini is a Women’s footwear Portuguese company. Currently represented in 35 countries with more than 2.000 sales points worldwide, Felmini has a strong presence in Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

Felmini’s main goal is to design and produce unique and contemporary women‘s shoes that address the New Woman’s style needs, without losing her identity: a sophisticated and independent woman who has a vision of her own about the world.

The Company always conveys a splash of nomad spirit in its collections, embracing the current lifestyle footwear trends. Felmini has worked hard over the years to show its product’s quality, especially when it comes to its handmade shoes, which are made with nothing but the best natural leather, complemented with high quality accessories. As time went by, this excellence in craftsmanship has been implemented in all of its products and procedures. This became Felmini’s philosophy as a company: to stand out from its competitors through the distinctive results that are evident in all Felmini’shoes.

Each product is special, unique and handmade. Leathers and lasts are especially chosen and crafted to make the Felmini Shoe a quality one, where comfort is king and endurance is law. Starting at the design stage, going through every aspect of production and ending with the communication and marketing strategy, each phase of the Felmini process is carefully planned.

At Felmini, the motivation is to leave a mark on the footwear industry. It all begins with complex techniques that are complemented with craftsmanship skills in all the range of Felmini shoes, along with a commitment to a permanent design renewal and reinterpretation of the Brand’s Classics. A meaningful teamwork that requires a constant professional training of human resources, as well as an endless improvement of our work process and equipments, is only possible thanks to a huge passion and tremendous dedication that is put into every Felmini’s shoe.


1973 – Felmini is born, creating children’s footwear

1975 – Felmini steps to Women’s footwear

1990 – New facilities generate new production procedures

1991 – The second generation joined Felmini’s World

2004 – Felmini enters new European markets starting with Spain

2008 – The signature process of dip-dye is created

2013 – Celebration of the 40th Anniversary

2023 – Celebration of the 50th Anniversary

The Brand

The allure of Felmini lies in the metamorphosis process of each collection and shoe. That is how the symbol’s brand was born: a butterfly. And, just as each butterfly leaves a cocoon still unaware of its color or shape, so is born a Felmini shoe. We only know that each butterfly is unique and has gone through a long transformation. At Felmini, no two pairs are alike: they have traveled through a careful and long manufacturing process, filled with craftsmanship’s transformations along the path.

The Brand’s vision is that, just like its shoes, every woman is unique and special. Resembling a butterfly, the Felmini Woman enjoys her freedom with a style of her own and has a singular beauty. Ageless, She is a woman of the World who knows what she wants and values independence above all.

Thus is born this Brand – Felmini.

They say


Philippe Lejeune. Chaussures Difference à lisieux revendeur de la marque depuis 13 ans.

Laissez moi vous parler de la singulière et non moins jolie marque « Felmini « entièrement conçue dans les ateliers de l’usine basée à Felgueiras non loin de porto au Portugal... J’ai eu l’honneur de visiter cette belle usine et de découvrir les différentes techniques et étapes pour la réalisation de ses chaussures uniques aux designs sans cesse renouvelés. La recherche des matières nobles, des coloris innovants, des impressions sur la peausserie toujours avant-gardiste et associé à un chaussant parfait en font une marque majeure et incontournable dans l’univers de là chaussures européenne...

Luca Puggelli. Comm.le Puggelli snc

Buonasera, Vi scrivo questa email, perché ci tengo, dati questi anni di rapporto lavorativo, a fare i miei più Sinceri Complimenti a Voi e all’Azienda Felmini per l’eccellente livello di qualità e servizio che avete dimostrato in queste stagioni. Un lavoro il Vostro che é andato migliorando nel tempo e permettendo così una fidelizzazione del cliente finale, sia per Voi che per i miei negozi. Ringrazio soprattutto la Famiglia Moreira, per la loro elasticità nel capire le esigenze del mercato e ad adattare l’Azienda al continuo mutamento di tali richieste. Grazie ancora di tutto, orgoglioso di essere rivenditore Felmini. Distinti Saluti